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Body Mechanic Fitness and training gives you many ways to stay fit or get in shape. You can either work out on the many machines the have there or you could just go to the classes they provide free of charge (except spinning). Many of the classes include boxing boot camp which is for those people who love to train intensely, Zumba for those people who love working out while having fun, and Yoga/Pilates for those people that want to get rid of stress and any tension they have on their body. They have many classes to choose from that can cater to your work out needs. The monthly payment is inexpensive and you still get great quality results!

— Jervis

The yoga and Pilates was recommended by my doctor for my neck and shoulder pain from many years of using laptop, iPads, and cellular devices for work and personal use I took the classes to release the pain and stress. The classes have helped with the stress, pain and I also have added benefits I’ve lose inches and weight I’m down eight dress sizes.

— Angela

Simply the best fitness club. Clean and welcoming environment. The staff is absolutely friendly and courteous!! I’m happy to be a member here!

— Donnette

Since I’ve been coming to the gym, my endurance has built up more than ever. My stress is much better than its ever been, as well as my confidence in myself and I’m more aware of health. I have a gene issue of high blood pressure which is a lot better now. I will consult with my doctor in regards to my medication. It has also given me a lot of motivation to tell my family and encourage them to join a health club.
— Vienna N.

My blood pressure is lower; I sleep good at night; I love the encouragement of my coworkers and my trainer is the bomb!
—Betty M.

Since I was coming to the gym my hypertension is low and much better and I have more energy and I feel much, much better. I never get tired. My thanks and appreciation to Body Mechanics for the great job!
— Shirley S

My hypertension has dropped – it was very high. I’m healthier now; I have no headaches anymore. I suffered from migraines for the last 3 years. Also, my weight has dropped 27 pounds. I get compliments every day .I’m encouraging more and more people to come. I love it! I feel healthier every day . I can’t wait to come to the gym to train with Curtiss!
— Terena B.

TRANSPORTING TO BETTER HEALTH!! “Wow! I’ve never thought fitness could be fun.” Since I have been a member of Body Mechanics, and also encouraged my co-workers to join, I have been more energetic. I’m pleased to have the availability of the regimen at Body Mechanics.
— Mary G.

“Yes! Exercising can reduce hypertension.” I have been participating with the Body Mechanics exercise program and my doctor says my hypertension is normal now. Also, I have fun working out with my co-workers.
— Diane C.

“I always talk about diet and exercise”… Now with transportation and the availability of the Body Mechanics center, it helps me to work out with my co-workers and learn proper etiquette for exercise and nutrition.
— Michelle S.

Thanks to the motivation of Stephanie of Body Mechanics, I am working very hard again to obtain the goal I have set. My doctor says my blood pressure is very good. My blood sugar is in check because of the workout that I am doing. Thank you, Stephanie. I feel very good about my health and myself.
— Aurora O.

My stress level is down, energy is up and I feel great, and I know that if I continue I’ll look great as well. No more pain, stress, medicine, tiredness, and depression all due to being overweight will soon be a thing of the past. It’s time to live my best life ever! At Body Mechanics the owners and trainers, with their way of caring and supportiveness has truly tapped into my will power. My health, myself says thank you!
— Cheryl M.

Anyone who has enjoyed the sheer good fortune of having trained with Tony Ferguson shares the knowledge that the success of their fitness collaboration with him has contributed to many aspects of their lives.
— Anonymous

The benefits of personal training start with increasing muscle strength which segues into improving tone and appearance. For me, it was transforming into the best shape I’ve been in since my twenties. To regain abdominal muscle strength and have a flat stomach in jeans! To go from a size 30 to a 26! Unimaginable but it happened.
— Anonymous
There are many elements of a healthy lifestyle and I can emphasize from a great deal of experience and experimentation that exercise is key.
— Anonymous

You can make many dietary transgressions or have a few too many drinks but if you don’t exercise you’re probably going to be either fat, unhealthy, or both.
— Anonymous